Antique Butter Hands

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Scotch hands (also known as butter beaters, butter hands, butter workers, or butter pats) are wooden spatulas used when making butter. They are used to press freshly churned butter to remove the watery buttermilk during the butter finishing (working) process, as well as to distribute salt through the butter. Removing the buttermilk and adding salt helps to prevent rancidity in finished butter. One side of the paddle will be ribbed or grooved to allow the buttermilk to drain away from the butter during pressing. The ungrooved side may be used for shaping the butter into final form.

These replicas are made of polyresin and are made for appearance, not for actual butter.  Use to accent a centerpiece, mantle display, or a garden arrangement in your kitchen.

2 piece set, one is 11x2.5 and the other is 9x2.25

Aged and scratched for a used and loved appearance

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