Vermont's Original Bag Balm - 4 ounce

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For over a century, Bag Balm® has been a fixture around farms.

•It all started in 1899, after John L. Norris bought the formula for Bag Balm from its original creator in the little town of Wells River, Vermont. The salve was created to soften cow udders, and it worked extremely well.

•The little green can stood out from the rest.

•Bag Balm's 'packaging' (practically an unheard of marketing term in those days) would prove to stand the test of time with as much distinction as the product itself. Mr. Norris traveled from Lyndonville, Vermont to Boston to design the original can. Its distinctive, dominant green color accented by red lettering and red clover surrounding a cow's head on the top of the lid has remained virtually unchanged for over 100 years.

•A pet's best friend.

•Helps soothe cuts, scratches, skin irritations, and paw abrasions. Pets are in good hands with Bag Balm®. For over 100 years, Bag Balm® has been a fixture down on the farm. It goes on fast—and stays on!

•Used for over 100 years on cattle, horses and other domestic animals. It's loaded with lanolin! For CATTLE: Helps soothe small injuries, rash chapping; massage on caked bag. Softens and moistens skin.

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