In This Time of Sorrow - Card

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In This Time of Sorrow - Card

Front: In This Time of Sorrow, Unspoken Words can Sustain Us. While we may never be able to express in person how much we miss them, we hold a continual conversation in our thoughts with those who have departed- a certain phrase or inflection makes us conscious of their presence still lingering in our lives...

Inside: "We recognize them in the lyrics of a song they were fond of, in the pages of a book they have read, or in remembered expressions of endearment whispered in our ear in a moment of quiet relfection. We treasure these moments as we would letters penned on paper written by their hand. They give us the capacity to perceive those who have left this world, speaking from afar in a voice meant for us alone to hear. 

As there is no spoke declaration of sympathy that could never ease the pain we suffer from this liss, familiar echoes in the air bring comfort when there seems none can be found. Though death steals our loved ones from us physically, it cannot take the words that remain resonant within our mind, for this language of love will never fade away if we listen with an open heart." Angela Miller

In Deepest Sympathy

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