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Mad Libs is the world-famous word game that has been delighting fans of all ages since its invention in the 1950s by Roger Price and Leonard Stern. Fill in the blanks of a Mad Libs with any words you choose, and become the author of your own story!

21 stories about Gudetama the Lazy Egg, including all the good, the bad . . . and the "meh."

In Japanese, when you're lazy, you are referred to as gude gude. Gudetama (tama from "tamago," egg in Japanese) is the lazy egg. Learn all about Gudetama in these 21 original stories about the Lazy Egg that will definitely crack you up. Whether you're as big a fan as Nisetama-San, or you aren't quite sure what to eggs-pect, these Mad Libs will make you the Gudetama expert. 

What makes Gudetama different from other PLURAL NOUN? What is Gudetama's workout schedule--aside from sleeping in, trying to avoid ever VERB ENDING IN "ING", and skipping Pilates? Now you can have all the answers, including words of wisdom from Gudetama itself. ("Early to bed, early to rise, makes a Gudetama healthy, wealthy, and ADJECTIVE.")

While few of us can actually be lazy eggs, we are all Gudetama.

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