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A nostalgic treat, Astro Pops. Cherry, passion fruit, and pineapple flavored.

The history of Astro Pops....

Astro Pops® were first made in 1963 after two Rocket Scientists working on the space program in El Segundo, CA decided to quit their jobs at Rocketdyne and create the Astro Pop®, modeling the pop after a three-stage rocket. Being actual Rocket Scientists they custom-built special equipment including a high-speed cone-wrapping machine along with other equipment all made by hand. Astro Pops® are very unusual to manufacture because the cone-wrapper is the actual mold for the candy. The hot candy is poured directly into the wrapper, then a paper stick is added and capped off with a layer of wax to keep the stick in-place as the candy cools. Astro Pops® were created at the perfect time in history when the ‘Space Race’ was in full force. Kids were drinking Tang®, eating Astro Pops® and dreaming of going into space. Millions and millions of Astro Pops® were sold!

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