The Vermont Snack Box

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The Vermont Snack Box

We love this box.  It always makes us hungry whenever we put one together!

  • A Large Jar of Northeast Kingdom's Maple Apple Chutney
  • A Large jar of Sidehill Farm's Hot Red Pepper Jelly
  • A 7 oz Summer Sausage from Vermont Smoke & Cure
  • A 7 oz Smoked Pepperoni from Vermont Smoke & Cure
  • A huge 8 ounce shaker of Cabot premium powdered Cheddar Cheese
  • An 8 oz box of Hearty Squares from Vermont's own Westminster Crackers
  • A 9 oz bag of Distler's Spicy Pretzels
  • and finally, a 4 ounce bag of Butternut Mountain Farm's Maple Popcorn.