The Maple Palooza Basket

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Maple .... many people believe it's just the syrup you put on your pancakes.  We both know it is so much more!  We start our basket with a basket (imagine that!).  The moss green wooden basket will serve many uses, but for now it is filled with:

  • a bag of our Select Maple Malted Milk Balls
  • A Maple Leaf Maple Pop
  • 10 Hard candy Maple drops (maple leaf shape of course)
  • Jed's gourmet Maple frosted Almonds
  • A wooden box of 25 Maple Tea bags
  • A tub of Freshly made Maple Cotton Candy
  • A box of 4 Soft Maple candies
  • A bag of Butternut Mountain farm's maple Popcorn
  • A large bag of Distler's Maple Pretzels
  • And for the purists out there, a 3.4 ounce Glass Bottle of Grade A Medium Amber Maple syrup (in a maple leaf shape of course)

Deb 'swears' she can fit this all in the basket.  I have my doubts, but we will see .....