The Best Of Relish Cookbook

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The Best Of Relish Cookbook

The Best of Relish Cookbook contains 150 clear, simple, and often quick recipes designed to get you back in the kitchen and get your loved ones around the table. From breakfast to dessert, you ll be inspired by the delicious variety offered here. Widen your dinner repertoire and spice up your main courses from Ultimate Macaroni and Cheese to Smoky Dry Mole-Rubbed Pork Tenderloin, you ll want to try them all. And if you re wondering where to find smoked paprika or how to make a meringue reach new heights, the helpful tips peppered throughout the book will guide you through. Distributed in more than 500 newspapers nationwide, Relish magazine reaches more than 15 million readers each month. Relish celebrates America s love of food with recipes from the melting pot of people, places, and traditions that make our food great. Relish what you eat, because good things happen around the table.