Pure Vermont Raw Honey - 2 Pounds

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Pure Vermont Raw Honey - 2 Pounds

The West Meadow Apiary of Vermont is a true Bee paradise.  Known far & wide for their Yard Bred Carniolan Bees, the Raw Honey that we carry is the result of their knowledge and attention to the happiness of their bees.  Vermont Honey means the bees have the benefit of Vermont Pollen and the wonderful Quality of life that Vermont has to offer.

Raw Honey isn't processed and cooked to that stale, store bought taste of the supermarket.  It does tend to crystalize a bit quicker, but just placing the jar in a bowl of warm water will re-liquify (although stiring the crystalized honey to make a butter consistancy is all the rage!)

Raw honey contains b vitamins, iron, zinc, antioxidants, and is a rich source of enzymes.