Loosie B. Goosie By Marilyn Webb Neagley

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Loosie B. Goosie By Marilyn Webb Neagley

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Loosie B. Goosie – Marilyn Webb Neagley

Loosie B. Goosie is based on a true story that happened when the author was president of Shelburne Farms. She rendered the tale into a small illustrated storybook for her children. Today, she shares this charming story with other families and young readers in this newly published version, illustrated by Abby Stoner.

10% of Net Profits from the sale of this book will be donated to help conserve Shelburne Farms.

Marilyn Webb Neagley is a Vermonter who spent her childhood in Ascutney and currently lives in Shelburne with her husband, Mark. She is a grandmother and mother of two daughters, Anna and Heidi, and one son, Sam. Marilyn is the author of Walking through the Seasons and co-editor of Educating from the Heart.