Jelly Belly Games With Beans

Jelly Belly Games with Beans
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Jelly Belly Games With Beans


Jelly Belly puts a tasty twist on the popular UNO® and Apples to Apples® games from Mattel. The exclusive Jelly Belly® bean Special Edition UNO® and Apples to Apples® games feature colorful jelly bean-shaped playing cards, Jelly Belly-themed rules and a stash of Jelly Belly® jelly beans to sweeten even the stiffest of competition.

Jelly Belly Special Edition UNO® and Jelly Belly Special Edition Apples to Apples® games are available now  The flavors of the Jelly Belly beans were selected to match the games; Apples to Apples® include Green Apple and Red Apple flavors, while UNO® includes Sour Lemon, Sour Apple, Very Cherry, Blueberry and Tutti-Fruitti. The rules of each game were modified to incorporate Jelly Belly jelly beans to create a new game experience for players age 7 and up.


UNO® is the best-selling branded card game in the world with 90 percent brand recognition in the United States. Apples to Apples® have been among the top 10 most popular games in the U.S. since 2008. Paired with the world’s favorite jelly bean from Jelly Belly, the new games are perfect gifts and stocking stuffers for family game fans.

Jelly Belly beans are the leading gourmet jelly bean on the market made in over 90 flavors. Jelly Belly beans are fat free, peanut free, dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian and OU Kosher certified.