Food For Talk Travel Deck

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Food For Talk Travel Deck

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Food for Talk Travel Deck

Conversation Starters for Families on the Road

Based on the incredibly popular deck of cards in Food for Talk: Bringing Families Together One Conversation at a Time, this handy little pack of cards is a perfect way to stimulate conversation among your family members. Quicker than someone can say “Are we there yet?” you and your family will be discussing the topics usually confined to the dinner table. But there are no simple “yes” or “no” answers here. Every card contains a question, inspiration quote, or the instructions to a verbal game designed to illuminate aspects of your family that might never be revealed otherwise. Overwhelming statistics show that families who play together raise children who are less likely to indulge in risky behavior when they’re older. So instead of everyone putting on their headphones for that long drive, or burying their nose in a book, you can dig out this deck of cards and instantly involve the whole family. Food for Talk: Travel Deck fits in your purse, backpack, or glove compartment, and is perfect for a short drive, the long haul, airport waits, or sitting around a café table in a foreign country.