Buxton Inked Edge Rfid Money Clip

Buxton Inked Edge RFID Money Clip
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Buxton Inked Edge Rfid Money Clip

Shield your data from prying radio waves.

 How can you protect yourself from these thieves? Any kind of metallic shield can block radio waves from being transmitted. You could wrap your cards in aluminum foil. But there is a more professional way to protect yourself. The BX RFID collection of wallets by Buxton have metallic fabric layers sewn into the credit card pockets, keeping thieves from electronically reaching into your pocket.

·         Soft Naturally Milled Floater Leather

·         Accent Inked Edge

·         Accent Color Cover Stitch

·         Radio Frequency Logo Emboss

·         RFID Blocking Lined Credit Card Pockets

·         II.D. Window

·         Multiple Credit Card Slots

·         Large Money Clip

Style#: RF40992