Bayberry Taper Candle Pair

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Bayberry Taper Candle Pair

"A Bayberry candle that is burned to the socket puts luck in the home and gold in the pocket"

Bayberry candles are believed to bring good luck for the coming year.  The tradition dates back to the colonial days.  Bayberry candles burned much better than standard beeswax candles so they were highly sought after.  They were also much more expensive and harder to make.  Becasue of this, most families only burned their Bayberry candles at special times, such as Christmas.  From this the tradition of burning Bayberry candles at Christmas was born. 

9" Pair.  Aided by it's precisely braided wick, these candles gently fold inward as they burn down in a self consuming fashion.  Each candle averages 1 1/2 hours of burning time per inch.